Manufacturing Smart Glasses : Ethical Or Just Dumb? Essay

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Manufacturing Smart-Glasses: Ethical or Just Plain Dumb?
Engineering is an amazing field of study. It is the branch of science and technology that focuses on the design, build, and use of engines, machines, and structures to improve one’s quality of life. This is actually what engineers have attempted to do with the smart- glasses. Smart-glasses are basically wearable devices that display images to the visual field of the user (Hoffman and Laurens Landeweerd). The functionality of this wearable device allows data and images to be projected directly onto the glasses lens. With the proper software and more advanced technology similar to that used in the smart phone, the digital eye-glasses can have applications within the healthcare, gaming, photography, military, commerce, sports, and everyday entertainment fields. A variety of sensors can be used to track, analyze, distribute, and store data associated with the user. Consequently, these sensor and input devices can record information like audio, video, statistics, eye movements, weather, and your location at any time with or without your knowledge or permission (Hoffman and Laurens Landeweerd). Considering the about, is the manufacturing of this advanced recording, tracking, and storage technology within the smart-glasses ethical?
First, note that the manufacturing of this technology can create many cognitions that can be used unethically because of the capabilities to pose a threat to one’s human rights from…

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