Man's Role In Salvation Essay

Man’s role in Salvation
One majorly debated topic is what man’s role in salvation is, if he has any at all. Through this essay readers will be given information to better discern their opinions on if they can be saved by grace alone or if it is a choice. By looking through philosophical foundations, Biblical evaluations, historical development, theological formulation, and practical application, readers will be able to understand their views on man’s role in salvation. One important aspect of understanding your role in salvation is understanding what you believe about salvation and the Lord in general. In order for a believer to understand man’s role in his salvation, they must first assume that man has been created in the image
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Those who read the book of Genesis can see how the Lord makes it obvious that man and God are divided due to man’s sin. From the beginning of the Bible it is clear that God intends for someone to save us from sin and our own brokenness. (Gen. 3:15)3. Since the Old Testament states the problem that man has and cannot solve on his own, the New Testament shares the one who can relieve man of his wickedness and bear his sins. The Old Testament made it clear that man is unable to save himself by showing the increase of sin in exodus that the Lord eventually needed to wash out. Man was unable to save himself from his sins and the world became a dark place that was void of hope and joy. In the New Testament, God sends his son to save us from evil and by the Lord’s death on the cross, believers are given salvation. Examples of the Lord choosing specific people to follow him is seen. While everybody can come to Christ, Christ also shows that it is through him that we are called and not through our good deeds or works. Feinberg points out a good example of this when he asks readers to recall (Matt 4:18-19.) This verse shows when Jesus called Andrew, Peter, and Simon to leave their lives and follow him, just as he calls us to be saved by faith through …show more content…
The history of the early church has shaped and molded our views on salvation and helps Christians discover what they believe to be the true role that man plays in salvation. Calvinism, and Arminianism, will all be looked at in more detail to gain an understanding of different theological viewpoints. Author Alan Sell explains an Arminianism view on man’s role in salvation as being, “Half the work is God, and the other half is man.” This model puts a great deal of pressure on man, causing his works to be directly related to his salvation. Introducing Christian Doctrine, shares that Calvinist believe that man is chosen by God and that man has no role in his own salvation. The Calvinist view does not emphasize God’s grace that saves us, but it emphasizes God’s will having little to do with our choices or faith. One observable flaw to the Calvinistic view of man’s role in salvation, is that it is void of being saved by faith through grace alone. While in a sense, man has been chosen by God, it is also critical to understand that Christ’s gift of salvation is available for anyone who comes to the Father through him. While both theological views make valid arguments, man should understand that he is given free will and though his works do not lead to salvation, his faith through

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