Manipulation In The Truman Show

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As I knowingly inspect the world I live in, that is the world I believe to be true, occasionally I question whether or not what society tells me about my life holds any legitimate truth. It’s unfathomable to imagine that my world isn’t real; considering the thought of the government or someone of higher power manipulating me to believe their perjury is unnerving. I generally shut these thoughts down as they rush through me, making them leave as fast as I let them come in, for it is too unethical to give thought to. However, recently I allowed some of these thoughts to creep back into my body and I approved their of presence for a while.
Reflecting on a movie I recently viewed, The Truman Show, I placed myself in protagonist Truman’s position.
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Pol Pot, a previous dictator of Cambodia and the leader of the Khmer Rouge communist party, is an example of this. Pol Pot attempted to completely separate his country from the outside world as a radical experiment. Starting with expelling foreigners to purify the nation, he eventually banned foreign languages, shut down television and newspaper stations, diminished mail and telephone usage, disallowed use of money, religion, education, health care and parental authority were suppressed, and even bicycles were confiscated to hinder the people’s transportation. These were all done in his attempts to sequester Cambodia from the world outside it. I can’t imagine what this new regulated life would be like for the people, having to perpetually answer to someone and hoping that they make it through the day without dying from starvation, the 18 straight hours they were obligated work in the fields, or incurable disease as a result of the lack of health care. The Khmer Rouge was also brainwashing the people in a game of propaganda. They told the people that the reason for it all was a response to the Americans who were about to bomb the cities, and that it was the greater good to stay out of war. They also required that a …show more content…
Living in worlds of separated reality, these two examples both grasp the unethical behaviour of manipulating overseers who believe they know what is best. I believe that people are only aware of what they are told by people, society, and literature, and that they themselves decide which of these truths or lies that they will believe. When controlling individuals take charge of other people 's lives, it is dishonourable and immoral, as humans can be naive in believing information, and brainwashing individuals to believe one 's lies is entirely wrong. However, there is a very fine line between deception and reality. I believe that all an individual can do is try their best to live the life they perceive to be

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