Manipulation In George Orwell's Inception

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Register to read the introduction… In the psychological field, thought reform has been studied, proving that social influence has been able to change people’s attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors. In the government, propaganda has been used to influence their citizens by altering the environment around them. In history, Hitler manipulates and molds the minds of the German population to follow his ideals and support his actions, therefore creating and elongating one of the world’s most terrifying times. In literature, George Orwell’s book “1984” conveys the effect and impact of propaganda through a fictional dystopian society. In science, visual stimuli is absorbed by the retina, and transferred to other parts of the brain to process and analyze, and is finally builds a perception. In modern society, a form of manipulation called subliminal messaging is used especially by advertising companies to influence the subconscious. In film, Christopher Nolan’s movie “Inception”, the process of planting ideas in the subconscious is displayed through the characters inserting themselves in the person’s innermost thoughts. Do not let anyone pull your strings without your permission. You are not a puppet in somebody else’s show, do not be deceived. You are running your own show, you are a puppeteer, and you are pulling all the strings, the strings of manipulation of …show more content…
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