Manifest Destiny, By John O ' Sullivan Essay

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The Manifest Destiny
The manifest destiny was the belief that Americans thought it was a God-given right to expand our continent from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean. During the 1800s, many Americans began to settle in the western frontier which most of it was uncharted territory. Through several readings I will be able to define the manifest destiny and how it was accomplished.
The main concepts of the manifest destiny were that it was God-given right that the people of the United States had expand territory from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean. This concept of manifest destiny had existed throughout the American history but, it was until 1845 that editor John O’ Sullivan gave the name to the movement Manifest Destiny. There were 3 keys that made the belief of doctrine successful which were: Texas, Oregon, and California. Texas was first part of Spain which then literally left it, then France claim the land, but unfortunately Spain took it back again. In 1821, Mexico gains its independence from Spain and Texas was now part of Mexico. Now, it was the United States turn to take over Texas and annex it. During the annexation of Texas, there were 5 major battles and the final one was the Battle of San Jacinto were Santa Anna will surrender to Texians forces. Texas was no longer part of Mexico and it will be established as the Republic of Texas. Oregon was a huge territory that was part of Britain, which will later in 1842 the interest would increase dramatically. During…

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