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I'm sure all the above would have helped you. In addition to that I wish add few more things based on my experience while working for a HR consultancy firm.

Most of the time the interviewer ask this question to pick up leads about you. You can be 100% sure that whatever you said in Introduction (Abt your skills, Academics etc) will be the topic of discussion later.

So you better prepare yourself for a detailed discussion on every word you say at the time of introduction.

If you think you are good in a particular area (Example Network security) touch upon that area in the introduction. (While talking about your skillset). By this you are inviting the person to ask you questions in your favorite
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Surprisingly, it's usually this second or third question that unearths what the interviewer is most looking for.
You might ask simply, "And in addition to that?..." or, "Is there anything else you see as essential to success in this position?:

This process will not feel easy or natural at first, because it is easier simply to answer questions, but only if you uncover the employer's wants and needs will your answers make the most sense. Practice asking these key questions before giving your answers, the process will feel more natural and you will be light years ahead of the other job candidates you're competing with.

After uncovering what the employer is looking for, describe why the needs of this job bear striking parallels to tasks you've succeeded at before. Be sure to illustrate with specific examples of your responsibilities and especially your achievements, all of which are geared to present yourself as a perfect match for the needs he has just described.
'During my 2 years of experience as a sales executive, I have mastered the ability to prospect, generate business leads, and motivate my team members to reach targets.'

2. Provide a summary of your recent work history. Keep your response limited to your current experience. Don't go back more than 2 years.

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