Mandatory School Uniforms Across The Country Essay

2006 Words Dec 16th, 2015 null Page
All schools should require mandatory school uniforms across the country. School uniforms are a way for the students to show how they are all together as one and show a sense of amity with other students. This is also costs less money for students who don’t have the option of buying clothes that fit the latest trends. The school uniforms show discipline and the schools pride of coming together as one and not singling out students based on their appearance. Also as this requires them to focus more on students’ education rather than what they wear which would result in higher grades and a higher graduation rate.
There is a quote from HISTORYROCKET that explains what I’m trying to say in a more defined term. That “Schools uniforms still continue to be the cause for debate in the US. Until recently, it was only the elite private schools of America which had the school uniforms rule. England first introduced school uniforms in the sixteenth century; it was the other way round though, since school uniforms were meant only for those children who attended charity schools.” (
The use of school uniforms would not only be beneficial towards the students but for the staff, parents, and general public as well. This is why they should be used in and around all schools across the country.
The pros of school uniforms come in a large abundance, they take away from bullying on outer appearances, they are cost…

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