Essay on Managing Stress to Prevent Burnout

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Caring for others is a vital part of nursing, but sometimes the demands can be crushing.
A nurse can become emotionally and /or physically exhausted, sometimes to the point where the nurse may stop working. The phenomenon described is nursing burnout. This paper will include facts and causes of burnout, individual & environmental factors contributing to burnout, ways to manage and decrease burnout and most importantly burnout prevention.
Review of the Professional Nursing Literature
Facts & Causes of Burnout
Burnout is a psychological term for the experience of long term exhaustion and diminished interest. “Burnout is not the result of
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Application of Clinical Example
There was a nurse in the operating room who had worked there four years, she was very caring, thorough and precise with her patient care and flexible with her schedule when she was needed to stay over or cover shifts. Sara was a team player and well liked and respected by the physicians and her peers. The supervisor had noticed a change in Sara’s behavior in that she was tardy several times, seemed somewhat quiet and withdrawn toward the rest of the team. When the supervisor asked if she was okay, she snapped back, “Have I ever given you a reason to think I wasn’t?” As the next two weeks passed, it was noted that Sara couldn’t get the patients to the O.R. on time and wasn’t turning her charge items to the purchase office and was seen nodding off during her lunch break. One peer asked if she was okay and Sara exploded again. No one had ever seen this kind of behavior from her. The supervisor called Sara to the office to try to find out what was wrong. At the end of their conversation, Sara told the supervisor she was getting a divorce, her dream house she had only lived in two years had to be put on the market to sell. Sara was working in the O.R. during the day and doing private sitting at night through a private agency for extra money and her thirteen year old son was staying with her husband. In a matter of five weeks, every stable part of her life had been

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