Managing Organizational Change Of Business Operates Change Management Model And The Kurt Lewin 's 3 Phases Change Model

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In this 21st century in which business operates change is constant and as such organizational leaders who expect change and respond rapidly and responsibly are successful (Pryor et al., 2008). Therefore, it is of paramount importance to the CIBC FirstCaribbean International Bank (CIBCFCIB) to identify and apply appropriate models that will aid the organisation to be the number bank in the Caribbean today and in the next century and beyond. In this regard, CIBCFCIB seeks to implement improved processes to increase efficiency and to meet customer demands. To successfully enforce the need for organisational change in developing a system to improve the processing of loan application packages CIBCFCIB will employ the McKinsey 7S change management model and the Kurt Lewin’s 3 phases Change Model in the Lending Operations unit.
The McKinsey 7S change management model
Fleisher and Bensoussan (2007 p.4) postulated that “it is successful implementation of strategy requires management of the interrelationships between seven elements”. The 7s include strategy, structure, systems, shared values, style, staff and skills. As Jurevicius, 2013 opined that the seven elements are interrelated and change in a particular procedure requires change in another in order to accomplish the goals and objectives of the organization.
• There are Three look ahead officers who does the preliminary checking of the loan packages
• Two officers examine and validates the relevant security documents…

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