Essay Managing Organisational Change

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Module: Managing Organisational Change

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Everything in this world is moving and changing including organization. Organizational change occurs as a reaction to an ever-changing environment, a response to a current crisis situation, or is triggered by a leader (Jones, 2004). In 1947, K Lewin indicated that group life is never without change, which means that change has been a necessary process during the organizational development which is
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Some authors also debate that there are several resistances causing change cannot be managed and planned within organisation. Following Caldwell’s (2006) opinion, he thinks that planned approach needs to be approached as the increasing competitive international environment analysed by Hughes (2010) who discusses the emergent approach as a counterpoint to planned approaches to change. Not only has the change management, the leadership management also represented one of important elements to support that organizational change is planned and manageable.
By discussing both different frameworks about organisational change, this paper is going to analysis that change can be managed and planned in the organizational development.
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Types of change
In 1993, Hammer and Champy analysis a view about change which most commentators agree, it is that change has become both ‘pervasive’ and ‘’persistent’. However, as the time moves on and the competitive environment, change has been transformed into different sizes and shapes (Stace & Dunphy, 2001). Change in organizations may be incremental and continuous or rapid and discontinuous (Smith I, 2011). Sometimes change is incremental and hardly noticed. From his model of change types, Grundy (1993) illustrates that there are two incremental changes, one is smooth and the other is bumpy. During the stable environment, change is smooth

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