Managing Conflict And The Hierarchy Theory Essay

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There are often times where conflict occurs within an organization, and it can’t be prevented. If it cant be prevented it must be managed. Managing conflict looks to be easy but it is often misconstrued and shrugged off by individuals within an organization. As first time mangers many don’t look at conflict as being a big deal but there is much more to it than it seems. Conflict can do as little as cause someone to quit the job or as big as ten employees quitting. As a manger it is your job to make sure employees needs are met among these many needs is conflict and Maslows hierarchy theory.

Maslow 's hierarchy of needs states that an employees most basic needs must be met before any other needs. These needs include physiological needs such as food and water, safety needs, social needs; esteem needs and finally self-actualization needs. When the employees have a positive atmosphere and all of their needs are being met it makes employees work ethic improve which makes for better work quality. Another way to make sure employees needs are met is by managing conflict. When conflict is resolved it can make things run more smoothly and also make work more enjoyable for employees and make for a all around better organization
. Conflict within an organization can be the cause of decreased customer service or decreased work production. To keep a organization running smoothly conflict has to be managed at the appropriate time and way. Conflict is a situation or circumstance…

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