Managing And Leading Team Dynamics Essay example

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Managing and Leading Team Dynamics There are many facets to consider when managing and a team. The role, style, skill set and personality of each person on the team can be different and the leader of the team should be skilled at the ways to lead the team to meet their objectives and goals.
Six Principles of Leadership The book, You Don’t Have to Have a Title to be a Leader, offers six principles of effective leadership. They are:
1) Self-Mastery- You must first master yourself before you can expect to lead others.
2) Power with People- Focus and determination trump brains and brawn every time.
3) Power with People- Managers exercise power over people; leaders exercise power with people.
4) Persuasive Communication- Others tell, leaders sell.
5) Execution- Your success depends on your IQ (Implementation Quotient) –your ability to get things done.
6) Giving- Leaders focus more on what they give than on what they get (Sanborn, 2006).
These six principles are basic, but give insight on important traits that can make a leader effective with his team. Management should not try to control employees, but inspire them toward better self-management and to produce higher performance. Employees that are self-managing themselves are competent, feel empowered, feel they are relevant to the organization, are able to work more cohesively with others and on a team (Comaford, 2013).
Types of Leaders Although there are many different theories on different types of leaders in…

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