Analyzing Managerial Styles

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A good starting point to identify the managerial styles of different cultures is through the use of analytical tools such as those developed by internationally recognised Dutch social psychologist Geert Hofstede (2001) and with colleagues Gert Jan Hofstede and Michael Minkov (2010).

Hofstede elaborated a set of six dimensions (4 & 5 with Minkov) for rating cultures:
1. Power Distance: Extent to which less powerful members of organisations accept and expect power is distributed unequally.
2. Uncertainty Avoidance: Societies’ tolerance for uncertainty and ambiguity.
3. Individualism versus Collectivism: Degree to which individuals are integrated into groups.
4. Masculinity versus Femininity:
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Expectations to be consulted on decisions. New information analysed for validity. Focus on measuring performance on a short-term basis. Drive for quick results within work place. Confidence in approaching known and new counterparts to obtain and ask for information. Fairly open to accepting new ideas and innovative products. Willingness to try something new or different. “Can do” attitude. 9/11 created a lot of fear culminating in efforts of government to monitor everybody through NSA and other security organisations. Monetary rewards and higher status are motivators. Word Hard, Play Hard. Tendency to display and talk freely about “successes” and achievements in life. Comfortable with conflict as goal is to …show more content…
Cross-cultural insight will impact positively on global managers’ performance. (656 words)

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