Managerial Accts Essay

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Health care system is multifaceted because the system is characterised by variety of aspects. The system involves monitoring the services for social agencies. This process again involves wide range of services because it allows many social workers to coordinate their efforts. Many argue that the multifaceted nature of health care system takes into account high expenditure or the high cost of providing the health care facilities. Health care is financed in U.S through various programs. Financing in U.S is entirely different than other countries. This difference is due to the fact that U.S does not have its national health insurance plan. Government programs, self insured plans and insurance companies are some of the payers involved in …show more content…
4. Government sponsored health care system is not available for certain class of people. Major concerns about the health care reform in US are right to health care, access, fairness, efficiency, choice, value and quality. Many believe that the system does not repay the equivalent amount spent. The infant mortality rate is much higher is US. These issues are addressed through Patient Protection and affordable Care Act. The act aims at providing insurance to all Americans thereby reducing the total cost of health care. To increase the coverage rate subsidies and tax credits are to be provided to employers and individuals. Some argue in favour of national health care system while others are against the nationalised health care system. Arguments in favour of universal health care include the following:- 1. They are of the opinion that Health care is the right for all Americans as it is contained in the constitution 2. Even if one looses the job, he needs not to worry about the insurance under universal system. 3. Costs of health care will be reduced under universal system. This is due to the fact that under bulk purchases prices are negotiated at lower rates thereby reducing the costs of health care. 4. Out of pocket expenses would go down. Arguments against the Universal Health Care system include the following:- 1. It will not cover certain services in the national plan and therefore it

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