Management Essay

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Table of Contents

Part 1

1) The network diagram

2) Gantt chart

3) The Effect on the duration of the whole project.

4) The purpose of Network diagrams.

Part 2

1) The Management Report-Jones LTD

2) Appendix

3) Reference


1) Draw the network diagram (use activity on the node). (8 marks)

Please refer to the appendix.

2) If the project starts on the Monday 6 September 2010 , what is the earliest date it can be completed using a 5 day working week? Assume no other holidays (explain how you calculated the figure). (4 marks) .

If the project needs to start on 6th September and it has a constraint using
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The network diagram is an important tool which is used for planning scheduling and monitoring projects .It makes it easier to understand the requirements and the plan that is why network diagrams are created .It explains the activities to be followed in a logical and effective way as it explains the start and finish date of a specific tasks for the groups.

The network answers all the important question the working group may have as the graphic presents the flow of work till the end of the project .Also it is easier to edit or make changes on the project which are unexpected and can occur any time. For example in a construction company if different contractors are supposed to work on the project and if there are any problems then the whole construction can be revised and communicated to the whole managers by the help of these diagrams.

The important information can be explained as it helps the project manager to predict and communicate to the whole team .The basic duty of the network diagram is that it gives the time and the estimate date of when the project needs to be completed, It also explains which activity is more important and which are least important and when each activity has a to completed at the earliest.

It helps the management teams, as every one knows what they are supposed to do without wasting time as clear information is explained.

b) What is network diagram?
It is a visual flow diagram which explains the relationship,

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