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Functions of Management Paper
Valaree Taylor
August 8, 2011
Lee Standford Farr

Functions of Management Management is defined as an individual of group of individuals that work together to reach a common goal and make decisions to improve the operations within an organization. The four basic aspects of management are planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. Each function serves a specific purpose that can be used to achieve goals and are essential to the success of an organization. Planning The first function of management is planning. Planning involves specifying the goals that need to be achieved and deciding in advance the appropriate actions needed to achieve those goals.
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This involves scheduling the appropriate day there will be enough down-time to allow employees the opportunity to attend these functions.


Leading is the third function of management and perhaps the primary purpose of having

management. Leading is the use of influence to motivate employees to achieve organizational

goals (Barnat, 2005). Without leadership workers within an organization would have no

direction and lack knowledge of goals.

Managers demonstrate leadership in my workplace through communication and will be so there is an understanding among the group. The managers delegate some of their

leadership responsibilities to group leaders who work closely with other workers. The group

leaders usually report issues and progress to management. Managers trust group leaders

because they allow them the opportunity to complete other tasks. Motivation is also used in their

leadership such as the daily posting of our monthly production goals and progress from the

previous and day. This technique helps to motivate employees by allowing them to monitor their

progress and make improvements.


Controlling is the last function of management, and it pertains to the way procedures and

resources are coordinated so that objectives can be achieved in the most effective way.

Controlling is a six-step process that involves several systematic approaches to

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