Management Essay

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The Office and New Leadership
Laurie Alva
Management 101
Laurie Genesi-Bloom

The Office T.V. series shows how to use positive reinforment, effective communication, and S.M.A.R.T., techniques to improve employee performance. Leadership is one of the vital qualities of a good manager. A good manager is often seen exercising effective leadership in the organization. By effective and fair leadership supervisors need the skills to guide the team members, to encourage them towards attainment of the organization's goals and take the right decisions at the right point of time. A good manager has confidence in his/her abilities, and is thus innovative enough to experiment while nevertheless being brave to admit mistakes. An
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Management techniques pertaining to customers are usually aimed at keeping them happy and satisfied, so that they keep on coming back. An example of this could be the various discount offers that are given to the customers on special occasions, such as Christmas. Whatever management techniques are chosen by organizations, the main thing to consider is that they should fulfill the needs of the organization and also, of the employees, customers and the partners.

According to business experts, the most effective management styles and techniques are those that are a mix of all the styles. The management styles and techniques that are followed should depend upon the situation that an organization is facing. In the fast changing business environment, it will neither be practical nor profitable, to stick to only one style. That is why the management gurus, when giving management tips, always insist that only the organizations that evolve their management styles and techniques, according to the ever changing corporate culture, will survive to see the future.

The success of every business depends on the teamwork of its employees. Effective communication is the key to make the goals or the targets of the organization, clear to each and every employee. It is also a key to harness energy, with

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