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Chapter 10
1. Make a list of Starbucks’ goals. Describe what type of goal each is. Then, describe how that stated goal might affect how the following employees do their jobs: Open 1200 new stores.
Revenue growth of 10 to 13 percent.
Earnings per share growth of 15 to 20 percent
Develop new coffee products
Stay true to its global social responsibilities
a) A part-time store employee, a barista in Omaha
A part time Barista has to contribute to keeping the quality and value of the drinks and food they are serving. They have to serve drinks that are just as good as the other stores around the world. That's what makes Starbuck's better than everybody else is because they have a high standard for what they serve. The Barista has
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Since inception Howard Schultz has led the company in a way that has allowed Starbucks to successfully grow, meet and exceed its goals and to do so ethically and responsibly. From the creation of company’s guiding principles to the various innovative strategic initiatives like the launching of many products, expansion into the international markets, decision to integrate Starbucks and the musical culture to entering into legislative lobbying for company’s future and prioritizing employees (partners), Schultz has never veered from his belief about what Starbucks could be and should be. For a good Strategic Leader the thing of utmost importance is the success and wellbeing of the Company which can be only ensured through new ideas and continuously improving leadership strategies, Schultz started grooming Orin Smith, the then president of Starbucks coffee in U.S to succeed him and in 2001 Schultz himself decided to move into the chairman position and Orin was promoted to CEO thus ensuring the running of innovative and new blood in Starbucks

8. Is Starbucks ‘living’ its mission?
The company’s mission is:
To establish Starbucks as the premier purveyor of the finest coffee in the world while maintaining our uncompromising principles as we grow.
The six Guiding Principles behind the success of Starbucks are:

Provide a great work environment and treat each other with respect and dignity.

Embrace diversity as an essential component

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