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Human Resources
American InterContinental University

This paper will describe the characteristics that are needed to work in the human resources department. It will ask question as to how they will perform. These questions will help determine whether or not the person is qualified to take on the leadership role in the service department.

Human Resources The qualities that a human resources leader should have are many. There may be some things that a person does not agree with or that may put them in an uncomfortable position. It is important that they are able to continue to do their duties even in these situations. Being the “new guy” can make a person feel as if they are always being criticized with that being said
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(Wuorio, 2011) Communication like this helps rule out the weak from the strong. To have a strong team there needs to be a strong leader. Having aggression within your team allows the team to continue to get stronger. Dealing with change of the department can be stressful, cause many problems, and allow for the staff to become frustrated and disorganized. Being able to handle this is a calm manner is very important and a skill that a manager possess. Time management is so important in order for the team and the manager to meet the deadlines. Failing to meet deadlines can result in loss of business. Having good writing skill and be able to deliver the information to the team and to the customers in a clear manner is part of the qualifications that a person needs. The way things and information are delivered helps the people receiving it access it better if delivered in a clear and understanding way.
Below is a list of questions that needs to be answered and truthfully. 1. Are you a procrastinator? How will you deal with deadlines? 2. How do you deal with conflict along with an example? 3. Do you allow your personal problem to affect your work? 4. Will you motivate your team to be that best at customer service and how will you do this? 5. How important is customer service to you? Do you feel strong about excellent customer service? 6. Are you comfortable to deal with and speak to your employees and those in seniority? 7. What is your

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