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The tipping point for talent management
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In Malcolm Gladwell’s book, an innovation or change can suddenly appear through small, almost incremental steps, none of which by itself is especially noteworthy. But the combination of these seemingly minor events can cause organizations to be shaken, countries to be impacted and people to break out of established behavioral patterns. What could not be accomplished in one grand wave of the baton is, in fact, being accomplished by different pieces of the puzzle coming together at just the right time.
We are in the midst of such a sea change in the field of talent management. This new approach to managing companies and people has
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It takes years and even decades for new models and practices to emerge.
Most of our current management practices are mired in the past and based on a set of assumptions that no longer exist. The sidebar opposite highlights many of these differences. Consider this list and assess your own company’s position.
Many companies are at a spot along this continuum with one foot in the past and another in the future. Some of these factors may not be as important as others, but it is becoming increasingly clear that old practices will not be effective in a future that requires innovation, fast responses, horizontal relationships, high engagement levels and optimum performance from assets that are not “owned” by the company. Perhaps this is why in this transition period, 75 percent of change managements fail, less than 10 percent of companies do a good job of implementing their own strategy, and the vast majority of mergers and acquisitions fail to meet their objectives. New mindsets and practices are needed for new times.


“Today, the most profound thing is that a 14 year old in Romania or Bangalore or Vietnam has all the information, all the tools, all the software easily available to apply knowledge however they want.”

Perhaps the biggest contributor to the talent management tipping point is the new global marketplace. More than any single factor it has caused us to

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