Management Essay

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An Interview with Management Professionals
Management refers essentially to the method of getting things done in an effective and efficient way, through and in conjunction with other people. Management activities comprise of planning, staffing, organizing, and leading an organization. All of these tasks support each other and doing all effectively will ultimately help to achieve an organization’s goals and operational effectiveness. The main purpose of this interview report is to gain more insight into the management process. The experiences of these management professionals will better equip me to improve my own management skills and overall effectiveness. Effective management is one of the most important factors in driving and
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I was offered a position when it became vacant; it was felt that I was the right fit for the position”.
4. What is your educational background?
Patricia: “I have a Bachelors of Science degree in healthcare administration”.
Therica: “I am currently in possession of a Bachelor of Arts degree in History & International Relations and a Masters Degree in Human Resource Development and Counseling”.
5. What courses did you take in school that proved most useful to you as a manager?
Patricia: “Courses that related to HR management and healthcare administration have proven to be very useful to me in my current capacity”.
Therica: “I firmly believe that some of the courses that have truly benefitted me in this field are Human Resource Management, Business Communication and Business Ethics.
6. What courses or skills do you feel would be most beneficial for you at this stage of their management career?
Patricia: “At this stage I think any class as it relates to HR laws and policy, and classes that are industry specific to allow me to remain current and up to date on specific issues”.
Therica: “A course in Conflict Resolution I believe would help me hone my skills in this area”.
7. How have you kept up with the changes in management styles and models in today’s business world? (Have you been back to school; attended seminars; read industry and management related books, etc?).
Patricia: “I take any

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