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Human Resource Management

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Question: When work-place bullying takes place in an organization, it is because leadership and management of the organization allow it to happen. Do you agree?
Bullying in the workplace has been defined as “harassing, offending, socially excluding someone or negatively affecting someone’s work tasks...repeatedly and regularly,” (Einarsen, 2003). By this we understand that bullying is a process that stems from a series of actions foregone. The forms of bullying which take place in an organisation are vast and range from verbal abuse to violence to sexual discrimination and harassment. While occurrences of bullying arise because management allow them to,
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It is estimated that bullying costs £1.3bn in work days lost every year (Monks, J., 1998 : p2).
The form of bullying that takes place is the most significant feature of all. Some of the most controversial and publicised forms of bullying are very basic – stress related, added work or misuse of power. Others include verbal abuse, intimidation, violence, and sexual harassment.

Power, Relations, and France Telecom
According to the ESRI report (2007) 53% of persons are bullied in an organization where relationships between staff and management are “very bad”, as opposed to 3% in an organization with “very good” relations (O’Connell et al., 2007 : p43). This shocking figure reveals how much leaders and management are a part of workplace bullying. Similar statistics can be identified within organisations with bad intra-staff relations. Bullying drastically increases as a cause of work relations, which as I see it are employed by the working culture.
Misuse of power or abuse of position is a very common form of bullying. Costigan (1998) this “Boss management” and is “based on the premise that workers can be coerced into doing specified tasks by the promise of reward or by threat of punishment” (Costigan, L. 1998: p33). This misuse of power can be asserted through the medium of extra work loads, added stresses intimidation and threat because of power opportunities. Every employer has

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