Essay on Management and Glabalisation

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The world is a constant changing place, changes occur all the time; some expectedly and others unexpectedly, some of the changes have had a huge impact on the way that man lives life. One of the changes in the world that has a strong bearing on man’s life is globalisation, it helped change the way man consumer’s products and interacts with his surroundings. Globalization is the process of international integration arising from the interchange of world views, products, ideas and other aspects of culture (Al-Rodhan, 2006). Advances in transportation, such as the steam locomotive, steamship, jet engine, and container ship, and in telecommunications infrastructure, including the rise of the telegraph and its modern offspring, the Internet, …show more content…
In both the 15th and 16th centuries, Europeans made important discoveries in their exploration of the oceans, including the start of transatlantic travel to the "New World" of the Americas. Global movement of people, goods, and ideas expanded significantly in the following centuries. Early on in the 19th century, the development of new forms of transportation (such as the steamship and railroads) and telecommunications that "compressed" time and space allowed for increasingly rapid rates of global interchange(Paul,2014). In the 20th century, road vehicles, intermodal transport, and airlines made transportation even faster. The advent of electronic communications, most notably mobile phones and the Internet, connected billions of people in new ways by the year 2010.
With improvements in transportation and communication, international business grew rapidly after the beginning of the 20th century. International business includes all commercial transactions (private sales, investments, logistics, and transportation) that take place between two or more regions, countries and nations beyond their political boundaries. Such international diversification is tied with firm performance and innovation, positively in the case of the former and often negatively in the case of the latter (Hitt,1997). Usually, private companies undertake such transactions for profit (Danniels,2007). These

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