Management Study Guide For A Brand Image Essay

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According to the management study guide, the term brand image can simply be understood as, the existingperception in the head of a customer regarding a brand. It can be stated as anexclusivethoughtthat arises in your mindwhen you think about a certain brand. It indicatesthe stardom associated with that particular brand when even you think of it. It is the prime concept associated and that immerges in the consumers head space when he/she thinks about that product.For instance, whenever you witness a billboard on which there is a white color bottle with the background in red and there is a white wave, the first image that will instantly barge in to your head will be Coca cola.
Whenever you think of a certain niche of a mobile brand, the first most preferred choice your mind will come across is IPhone,due to the fact that it is what the brand represents now, an urge to buy it whenever a next model of the phone comes into the market and if you hear its IPhone and you visit theoutlet and that long line of buyers, all this is related to the charisma that, that particular brand has created in the head space of the buyer.When Burger king was launched in Lahore, Pakistan, there were roads jammed &people wereabsolutely crazy aboutthe image that they had in their heads.
Researcher Dawn Dobni& George M. Zinkhan(1990) write in their paper about the brand images and their individuality and the themes being trivial andbased on significantideas in the conducts of customerinquiriesfrom the…

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