Management Analysis : Management Consultants Essay

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Everyone today seems to be management consultants – strategy consultants, IT consultants but what do management consultants actually do? This report will provide detail information on management consultancy and will cover background information on consultancy and the routes into this career.
What is management consultancy?
Management consultants help companies and organisations to maximise growth, solve issues and improve the business performance of their clients. Management consultants not only advise on what to do but they become part of delivering the answer in an effective way to meet objectives. This developing of services is not only in the private sector but also includes the public sector.
Lasse Lund, manager in Deloitte 's customer management practice, who won the 2013 performance consultant of the year and overall consultant of the year in the Management Consultancies Association 's (MCA) awards, provided insight into management consultancy. He states that as a management consultant he is “really fascinated by working with different customers on different projects…”
The Management Consultancies Association
The Management Consultancies Association (MCA) is a representative body for management consultancy firms in the UK. The MCA 's member companies consist of 60% of the UK consulting industry, and they worth with over 90 FTSE 100 companies. The Institute of Consulting
The institute of consulting is a professional body for consultants in the United…

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