Management Analysis : Financial Management Essay

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Financial Manager


Financial managers control, direct, plan, direct, and evaluate the operation of financial or accounting departments. They also prepare operational and risk reports for management analysis. Financial managers also prepare operationally or risk reports for analysis and evaluate and plan budgets. Although they work in many industries, they usually work in a bank or for an insurance company. Their workplace is usually in the office, however, some financials managers may travel to places to meet up with clients. Financial managers may work with accountants and financial analysts but being a financial manager is more of an independent job. A day in the life of this job is mostly spent in an office at a bank or an insurance company analyzing or reviewing financial reports.


In order to do this job, you will need a university education. A bachelor’s degree in business administration, economics, commerce, or any related field is required. A master degree is also required in business administration or another master’s level management program might be required. Another option that may be required is a CPA designation.

University Programs:

University of Waterloo offers an accounting and financial management course that is co-op only. In this course, you will learn and understand the knowledge of both accounting and finance, improve your learning skills with 16 months of co-op experience including professional development activities,…

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