Finance Career Research Paper

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Finances (business) has always been really interesting to me, that is why I chose it to be my major. Although combat arms would be a hell of a lot more fun, I believe there will be more opportunities when I get out if I utilize my degree while I’m an officer. Finance Corps officers have five core competencies, fund the force, banking and disbursing, accounting support and cost management, pay support and management internal controls. All of these competencies relate directly towards my degree. My top three jobs that I will likely pursue after I serve will be a financial manager, operations manager, and a financial advisor.

One job that I am very interested in when I serve my time as an officer will be a financial manager for an organization.
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These professionals earned a median of $96,430 in 2013. Most operation managers have a bachelor’s or master’s degree in business administration, but specific degrees like finance depend on the organization that is hiring. Business operations managers are the go-to people in a business just like finance managers are in the Army when dealing with a finance/business like problems. They help numerous departments within their company to coordinate and meet the final goal. Operation managers also hire staff, negotiate contracts, assess budget matters, and all in all understand the business operations. This job falls directly in with all of the required characteristics of a finance officer, Section 37-2 of DA PAM 600-3 defines these characteristics. The first is Responsiveness, which is identifying, acquiring, and distributing the assets, capabilities, and information necessary to meet support requirements. The next is improvisation, the ability to adapt Financial Management sustainment operations to unexpected situations or circumstances affecting a mission. The last is economy, which is the ability to provide Financial Management sustainment resources along with other capabilities effectively to enable commanders to generate the greatest effects possible. A former Command Master Chief Perry Officer who retired from the Navy has had two very high operations manager positions. He has a bachelor’s degree in business management, and the leadership experience he received while serving was a huge contributor to why he was able to receive those positions. Operations managers deal with finances and a huge amount of leadership, I feel I will be perfectly qualified for this

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