Essay on Manage Operational Plan

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Manage Operational Plan
Assessment Activity 1
Describe the purpose of the operational plan and describe its relationship to the strategic plan.

An operational plan is an organisational planning document derived from the strategic plan. The strategic plan provides a high-level outline of the organisation’s mission, general direction and broad goals and the operational plan is a detailed document that outlines how the organisation’s strategic goals will be achieved in practice.
The operational plan outlines what actions teams or individuals within the organisation will take to achieve its objectives and outlines any major projects identified for the relevant time period. The operational plan identifies risks and incorporates
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• Timeline of project
• Number and level of staff required
• Other resources and external input required
• Budget requirements
Alternatives included may be:
• Environmental changes that may impact the project such as: o Labour force o Tourism o Budgetary constraints o Product availability/quality o Essential services/rent
• Contingency plans such as: o Reward cards o Using cheaper products o Energy efficient machinery

The proposal should be sufficiently detailed to allow the assessment panel or individual to feel confident that;
• research has been done to estimate the cost accurately,
• consultation processes have been undertaken evidencing that decision making has included consideration of stakeholders and
• contingency or risk management plans are in place to rescue the project if required.

A well thought out and presented proposal covering the above aspects is more likely to be approved and succeed.

Assessment Activity 6

Explain what the acronym SMART stands for and why it is important for objectives and targets to be designed with this in mind.
• Specific – Each objective or target should be clearly stated, unambiguous and easy to understand.
• Measurable – You should be able to

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