How Mammary Glands And Immune System Are Interconnected

I have several things which I like very much. They consist of human evolution. This article will describe my personal opinion about how mammary glands and immune system are interconnected. It is a very interesting theme because the evolution of mammary glands originates from ancient times, when they have been presented in the form of immune protective glands. At that time, they acted bactericidal effect on an organism to fight with various infections. Precisely, in response to these processes, lactation became as a response to inflammatory reactions. That fact that mammary glands may be evolved from inflamed glands is not so romantic, but may be possible.
In spite of an increase molecular and tissular understanding of the evolution of the mammary gland, its functions genesis has stayed theoretical. Many researches on the genesis of the glands are subsisting. The objective of the mammary gland is to procure the child with abundant quantity of lacoalbumin, an unusual woman liquid that has a twin player of feeding and immune defense. It is worth noting that disinfectant molecules, such as xanthine oxidoreductase (XOR) and also lysozyme, are straight engaged in the development of the feeding facet of milk. XOR developed into the two thinks in the mammary glands and therefore ensure new renewed sustaining the
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Glandula mammaria or mamma) - paired organ which treats to apocrine glands of the skin. Actually, the mammary gland is the basis of a woman 's breasts, and it is also called as a body of the breast (corpus mammae). It is a solid body in the form of a convex disk surrounded by a layer of fat (capsula adiposa mammae). The development of the mammary glands in puberty occurs mainly under the influence of estrogen. This is the main female sex hormone responsible for secondary sex characteristics. In this way, the primary function of it is the production of breast milk to feed a child. Secondary – a sexual component to attract the opposite

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