Requiem For A Dream

Mirdjine Marius

Professor Bennett

ENC 1101


Requiem for a Dream and Malena

Malena and Requiem for a Dream were two films I watched they were both released in the year 2000, which they are completely two different films. There are a number of reasons why either films would have been chosen over other films reason being it includes storyline, the affect it has on the viewer’s point of view, have actors or actresses, and what they bring to the viewer attention. One more feature of the decision is the quantity of themes a movie brings and their importance. Now a days the more movies they make the more a person can learn about by sitting down and watching it. Malena is a romance film about bravely, passion, and love.
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It shows you in this film for each of the four people mainly shown. Harry's dream of giving everything to his girlfriend Marion was ruined because they spend their money on more drugs than anything. Then he goes to jail and get his arm cut off in a hospital. Marion's dream of independence is ruined because Harry had gone to prison. She becomes more addicted to drug and she has to depend on doing sexual favors to others for money or for drugs. Tyrone loses everything after he got arrested, and his dreams was to see his mother again, is ruined. The sadly of all, Sara, Harry's mother, gets addicted to speed, the diet pills prescribed to her, and has to get shock therapy in other to try and get herself out of the last high she had experienced. But the therapy didn't work in her favor and she ends up in an insane asylum ruining her dream of being on television and seeing her son Harry become successful. The movie Malena uses, so much more themes as courage, lust, and cherishing memories are used. Courage is seen in the movie when, Malena was getting beat up by the women of Castelcuto, Sicily, Malena returns to town after her long lost husband finds her at least and were reunited. After Malena was being so disrespected by the people of the town, she leave and go to the food market alone which is showing great courage. More courage was also shown by the character Renato when he finally sends a letter to her husband Nino about his Malena and where she is and that all the rumors he had heard were not true. Lust another character who is seen mostly with Renato a lot of the time in the movie who is revolve a lot with his secret and obsession with Malena. Lust desire for Malena is shown when he is sneaking around and spies on her without her noticing, and also with his little devious acts like for example peeing in a lady purse to get back at her for talking about

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