Male Chivalry And Gender Separation Essay

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I really do not find this ironic at all coming from a female author. But now coming from this female author now let’s go ahead and not only neuter the English language on gender and strip gender roles ... let’s just go ahead and take the next step and neuter every male in America. And when you do... here is something that will not surprise me in the future of all females and it is only going to take one female and that is all it is going to take to ask ; Where is the Male Chivalry and / or the gentlemen 's courtesy gone too in this country? Even though being a sexist author, neutering of language when it comes to gender and being old fashion and I still am a believer in male chivalry and gender separation. Knowing a little bit about this author and as well having read her book of the 1970 's The Serial: A Time In the Life of Marin County, and several of her other newsprint articles, I believe in this article posted in the New York Times by Cyra McFadden I hope she is being a little sarcastic or trying to be funny in her writing and again I hope this is really not her belief in the direction of where our society on language gender neutering should be going in. I have noticed over time that newer authors are using suffixes such as "Person”, He/She and avoiding the use of masculine and feminine words / forms. And yes I have seen were it has become a more of a societal issue than a biological one, but didn 't society develop its expectations for the…

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