A Word From Propaganda Analysis

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James Emmanuel Petty, better known by his stage name Propaganda, performed “Boys!!! (A Word from Propaganda)” as a spoken word poem on Sho Baraka’s album “Lions and Liars.” Propaganda focuses on male maturity and the examples adults present for youths from a Christian perspective. Male celebrities have a tremendous influence on young male fans. This poems states, “when the options or aspirations are some combination/of criminal or athlete, actor, or rapper,” (line 26-28) are the mainstream media’s obtainable goals for young men to emulate. Within this poem he addressed the negative stereotypes in the entertainment industry which are celebrated and imitated by a generation of young males. Not only does he address the stereotypes, he reveals the irony of placing value on the glorified actions of celebrities. “Boys!!! (A Word from Propaganda)” directly confronts the poor examples portrayed by male celebrities as role models to the youths who admire them.
Often role models are made from people who have triumphed over oppression, impoverishment and other hardships. Former convicts are revered and
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(A Word from Propaganda)” clearly challenges male celebrities to present more positive examples for young men to follow than the current amoral behavior which plagues the headlines and hip hop music. The men of tomorrow need role models who support responsibility, maturity and respecting women. Becoming a man with maturity and respect is accomplished by resisting immature behavior. Propaganda relates a line from scripture when he stated, “when you become a man you put away childish things,” (line 35). In short, when you become and adult, one should behave as an adult. Glamourizing celebrities’ worse behaviors and promoting criminals as aspirations only leads to the continued imitation by young men upon entering manhood. Morals can be taught using religion or simply being aware of those that look up to you while providing the very best example for them to

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