Essay about Male And Female Male Or Female?

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What is gender? Is it the state of being either a male or female? Or is it an issue of self-identity and where we fall in the social circles of humanity. Men and woman have been placed as counterparts in examples throughout history whether it be Adam and Eve or Zeus and Athena. The initial differences between man and woman and the respective attitudes towards both can be traced back as far as humanity itself and the primal urge and desperation for reproduction. This ancient drive to ensure the survival of our race and bloodline that has transcended time, even now when world population is at an all-time high, men can still be seen driven by sexual urges.

This, by nature, places women in submissive roles such as mothers while taking on the intense labors of childbirth that would ironically send most men running. Thus nature is leading us to believe that men are the sexual aggressors driven by hormonal urges while women are the submissive caretakers. This mindset can be traced back throughout time and cultures even as far as early American beliefs. This has caused a rift between men and women. Men and women are not considered equal and often times they can be seen as antagonists to one another with an “us versus them attitude” brought about by the divides within themselves such as “men must be manley” or “women must be lady-like” or how in “Woman as other” Sam Keen states “Woman addresses an inescapable challenge to man to justify his own existence.”

Men have the…

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