Malcolm X's "Learning to Read" Analysis(a Score of 7 Essay example

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Throughout Malcolm X's "Learning to Read" his tone and attitude frequently changes. Although the emotions are faintly projected, his tone and attitude are caused by a change in his own emotions, which correspond with the beginning, middle, and end of the passage. The essay not only expounds his lack of reading skills while young, it expounds upon the importance of reading to him today. If a thorough assessment is made, he exclaims that reading is important to readers' lives as it was to his, aiding to shape ones morals and principles. Without the ability to read, a basis for intellect and perception, it becomes increasingly difficult to build your own ethical views.

The diction of Malcolm X is fairly simple, but simultaneously, his use
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If the entire passage is interpreted, the reader can concur that the subjects of the beginning, middle, and end are in order of importance, the most important being the beginning. The three sections were purposely placed in order of time by Malcolm X, but coincidentally placed in order of importance. During the beginning of the passage, Malcolm X explains how he learned to read and gives the reader an overview of his past. This section is most significant to the reader because it contains Malcolm X's determination to gain knowledge and uses his background to explain why he wanted to obtain knowledge. The beginning also contains the main point of the essay, Malcolm X "Learning To Read." The middle's subject is second in terms of importance, and is an explanation of his views. If an idea of chronology in terms of importance is ascertained by the reader, the reader can easily recount that the middle passage, which contains his views and what he read to obtain them, is a direct effect of the beginning but not as important to the main point of the essay. The ending is subsequently the least important and most recent time in Malcolm X's life presented in the essay. To summarize the ending, he explains what reading means to him today. By Malcolm X ending the essay this way, the reader learns that Malcolm X doesn't regret what he's done in his past because it's given him the gifts of reading, writing, and purpose.

Malcolm X's diction, multiple point of views, and

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