Essay about Malcolm X 's Influence On Society

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Throughout his life, Malcolm X has experienced many life changing events that changed who he would become, a ghetto hustler to the leader of a nation. Each of these events served to drastically change Malcolm’s views on life, Racial Identity, and the ideas of Separation vs Integration of races. In his younger days, Malcolm had a very negative view on all white people, thinking that blacks and whites should remain separate for each other’s sake. However, as events in his life unfolded, he begins to give white people his respect and learns that they can contribute to the African American movements in America, believing integration between the races is possible.
One of Malcolm’s early life changing events was when he moved from Boston to Harlem in his late teen years. Malcolm lived in Harlem a short time before picking up a hustle to make a living in Harlem. Even though Malcolm hasn’t fully created his views about society like he does later in his life, he begins to loath white society for holding down the black population. The hustler life is essentially forced upon the black population in Harlem because the white population in the area doesn’t allow for Blacks to hold any job of importance, resulting in many turning to hustling to make a decent salary. Malcolm was soon informed about this, which influenced his decision to start selling reefers in Harlem, his first hustle. Through his hustling life, Malcom came to know people like Sammy the Pimp, who Malcolm credits with some…

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