Malcolm X 's Fight For Black Equality Essay

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Throughout history’s fight for black equality, there have numerous individuals in which have decided to take a stand and forever change the world; Malcolm X is no exception to this. His methods to achieve Civil Rights for African Americans were both controversial yet struck home with many blacks tired of waiting defenceless. It is to a moderate extent that his methods were successful in his use of various tactics such as pro-violence and the encouragement of critical thinking about racial problems around the world.

Malcolm X’s most known and used method was his violent protests against their white oppressors. A main aspect of X’s beliefs came through the Nation Of Islam. While being sentenced to 10 years in prison, he converted to the religion and soon after coming out, became a leading figure by recruiting thousands. By using these militant methods he was able to gain nationwide attention to the issue of black brutality, justifying himself by expressing, “You get freedom by letting your enemy know that you’ll do anything to get [it]”. This way of thinking appealed to angry youths that didn’t believe in the act of letting whites take their time and gradually stop abusing blacks. This method was and wasn’t beneficial to the cause. It was, due to the contrast between himself and Dr King, by allowing the public to understand that blacks were willing to cooperate peacefully however, not if the whites weren 't willing to reciprocate; declaring with his famous words; “By any…

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