An Analysis Of Jackie Robinson's Struggle For Racial Equality

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During the 1960 's, United States of America was undergoing a struggle for racial equality. During this movement numerous people, especially African-Americans, dreamed of equal rights, equal living conditions, and overall equality between the races. Some people like Martin Luther King Jr. adopted an integrationist stance, while others like Malcolm X adopted a separatist stance. But one famous baseball player we all know as Jackie Robinson, found himself a little in between these two stances. Like both King and Malcolm X, Jackie Robinson favored black capitalism: building wealth through business ownership. But Robinson had his own spin on achieving this desire. Jackie Robinson wanted to own integrationist businesses with the white people and …show more content…
A former drug addict and criminal, Malcolm X emphasized separatism or black nationalism. "Malcolm X posed a powerful challenge to the ethos of nonviolence. Calling for black pride and autonomy, separation from the 'corrupt [white] society, ' and self-defense against white violence, Malcolm X attracted a large following, especially in urban ghettos" (Roark 777). Malcolm X wanted the black people to have the power in their hands. They were tired of being tossed around by the white people like a dead football. The white people promise integration and civil rights, but never gave it to the black people. It was time to gain power by any means necessary. As Malcolm X said, "he wanted not only the cup of coffee but also the cup and saucer, the counter , the store, and the land on which the restaurant stood. I believe blacks ought to become producers, manufacturers, developers, and creators of businesses, providers of jobs" (Robinson 166). Here, Robinson agreed with Malcolm X, because he too wanted the right to own businesses. Something else Robinson vigorously agreed with Malcolm X is when Malcolm X said, "Don 't tell me about progress the black man has made. You don 't stick a knife ten inches in my back, pull it out three or four, then tell me I 'm making progress" (Robinson 76). What he means here is if the white people want to make progress, then they have to give it all: the rights and the equality. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "Personally, I reject your racist views. I reject your dream of a separate state" (Robinson 179). Jackie wanted more of equal integration and not complete

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