Malcolm X : The African American Civil Rights Movement Essay

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During the African-American civil rights movement from 1950 to 1968, the majority of activists supported integration and equal rights. Among the numerous advocates was Malcolm X; however, unlike other activists, Malcolm X disagreed with integration and viewed everyone else’s advocating of “civil rights” as mere tokenism. As a result of his supposed animosity towards both white people and black people, Malcolm X receives constant backlash and criticism. Although Malcolm X concludes that people should be respected regardless of color, his ultimate view of race contrasts with his view prior to traveling abroad. Through claims of value and policy, Malcolm X argues that the race problem in America derives from the societal structure rather than white people themselves, which he comes to realize through his experiences in both America and abroad.
Before traveling abroad, Malcolm X makes the claim of value that white people are evil, and depicts white people as the perpetrators of the American race problem. Malcolm X specifically comes to this conclusion once he starts to learn about Islam. During his time in the Norfolk Prison Colony, Malcolm X learns through his family members that Islam is the “natural religion for the black man” (158). As Malcolm X takes up Islam, he starts to focus on spreading the religion to other black inmates. When he teaches Mr. Muhammad’s lessons to the black inmates, Malcolm X would “keep close watch on how each one reacted” (186). He continues…

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