Making History: An Introduction To The History And Practices Of A Discipline

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Browne, Ken. An Introduction to Sociology. Cambridge: Polity Press, 4th ed., 2011. Print. Browne provides an introduction to sociology that focuses on issues of the society without omitting the important and interesting insights that sociology can offer. Browne explains how sociology is unique as sociology focuses on social behaviour to explain major events that occur in a community or the world. He includes aspects such as crime, religion, state, institutions, races, social classes, values and social norms. The United Nations in the context of child soldiers can look at the values and norms of concerned societies, observe the everyday life of citizens, and interview youth enrolled in war, and thus find the social components that contributes to the use of child soldiers and how they can eliminate or reduce them. …show more content…
Making History: An Introduction to the History and Practices of a Discipline. Abingdon: Routledge, 2004. Print. Lambert and Schofield offer a new perspective of history and practices in the discipline. The authors write about the development and growth of history, of the profession of historian, and the factors that influence history. Lambert and Schofield demonstrate that this discipline is particular as history is inevitable because the past shapes the present. History helps to explain the functions of current society by making comparison to previous societies and gives the possibility understanding the condition of human beings by creating linkages between the past and the present. In order to deal with child soldiers the United Nations must refer to past war conflicts that used children, which will provide cultural, social, and political knowledge of the

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