Make Your Home Among Strangers Analysis

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In The Deportation of Wopper Barraza by Maceo Montoya, the author tells a story about Wopper Barraza, who is suddenly forced to live in a culture where he has no prior experience. In Make Your Home Among Strangers by Jennine Capó Crucet, the author describes how the main character, Lizet, enters a strange new setting, and goes through self growth, as a result of the waning absence of her family. The two stories coincide due to their common theme of leaving home and trying to make it without their dysfunctional families, while paving the way towards self discoverment. Both characters go through the process of self discovery in different ways as well as producing different outcomes, but the message is still clear. Home does not have to be where your family is, it is the place where people feel they belong. In The Deportation of Wopper Barraza, Wopper incurred difficulties in the beginning trying to adapt to his new life in Mexico. Early on, during his time in Mexico, Mija, the neighbor’s daughter and future lover of Wopper, said that early on for a whole week she didn’t venture into his house because she heard “Sobbing.” (Montoya 33). The life Wopper left in America at that point was gone, being a thing of the past. Wopper’s lazy American ways were the first of many customs …show more content…
Lizet was thrust into a social culture where she had no experience, because she was from Miami, being born in a dysfunctional family living in Little Havana, who not only applied to college without her family’s knowledge, but was accepted as well. This decision later made her father divorce her mother three days before she had to go to Rawlings College in upstate New York. Lizet later stated coming home for the first time that “I was shocked to find that it didn’t fell good to be home…” (Crucet 139). This eventually waned the relationship between all of the family members between each

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