Make Clothes To Fit American Women Analysis

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Every woman deserves to feel beautiful and comfortable in what they wear. No one deserves to be judged on being too thick, or even too thin. Designers refusing to make clothes to fit American women is a disgrace. There's only a handful of plus size outfits to satisfy plus size women. Designers are ignoring women larger than a size twelve, they're either not interested in them, they don't want them wearing the clothes they design, or they simply say that they won't look the way they want them to look in their clothes. If I was in a position to design clothes for American women to wear, I would definitely try my best to make every women that tries on my clothing, feel not only comfortable in what they wear but also beautiful ; No matter the size of the woman. …show more content…
In the Article, "Designers Refuse to Make Clothes to Fit American Women. It's a Disgrace" by Tim Gunn, he writes that he has spoken to many designers and merchandisers, and most of their reactions were the same. They said "I'm not interested in her", "I don’t want her wearing my clothes", and some didn't even try sugar coating the situation and simply said "She wont look the way that I want her to look"

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