Essay on Major Types Of Major Depressive Disorder

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At some point in life we are going to find ourselves unable to do many things because we feel hopeless, stressed, dissatisfied, alone, etc (Myers 645). For some individuals they might find themselves feeling this way for a day, but imagine feeling these horrible symptoms for more than two weeks? Major depressive disorder is a disorder that affects the way you think, act, behave, feel, and that can cause both emotional and physical issues (Mayo Clinic Staff). In major depressive disorder, signs of depression are felt for two or more weeks (Myers 646). Major depressive disorder can attack any individual and requires immediate attention. Why? Major depressive disorder requires immediate attention because it makes individuals feel as if there is no purpose of life, things go through your mind and it can cause you to do permanent damage. Many individuals who commit suicide were struggling and suffering with major depression. Kiyohara and Yoshimasu stated in their research that 90% of suicides result from suffering with major depression (qtd. in The World Health Organization). Depression is not something that you can get rid off in a day; it is going to take time and treatment (Mayo Clinic Staff). The purpose of this paper is to discuss the causes, symptoms, diagnoses and treatments of major depressive disorder. What are the causes of major depressive disorder? The exact cause of major depressive disorder is not known because depression can be caused by many dissimilar factors.…

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