Major Factors Of Income Inequality In The United States

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Income inequality is a major problem in America today due to the lack of education and health care issues that surrounds many within our society. These issues have caused many concerns especially among African Americans. People of color often make lower wages based on their lack of education and race. Statics show that white and Asian Americans, who have the highest median incomes are concentrated more in professional, executive, and managerial occupations than African American. Poor choices in jobs could be a major factor. Another factor is that due to the high cost of insurance those who make and lower, wages that are received from their employer, racial discrimination, education, gender discrimination and rising health care prices. What is alarming about this process is how can the constitution say that all men are created equal and there is a disparity in the law that is said to govern our nation. We find that within this problem it is affecting people of all colors mostly African American people. Many people have bad health habits, make low wages, live in poverty, and often do things that are unlawful to try and make ends meet. Many low income people find themselves renting because they can’t afford house payments to own their own home.
Social Factors that Contribute to the Problem
WE as a people have been taught to believe that all
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Notably, 21% of African Americans lack any sort of health insurance coverage as opposed to 16% of Whites lacking coverage (Snowden, 2012). The consequences behind this is great because many people are often stressed out, have high anxiety rates, suffer from strokes, high blood pressure and some suffer heart attacks simply because they don’t see a

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