Major Effects Of The Great Migration

In United States history, the Great Migration refers to the massive population shift from the rural south to the urban north (History, Art & Archives, 2008). There is no specific date range for this migration; while some African-Americans migrated during the Reconstruction era, the most significant movement came during the second decade of the twentieth century. During this time, African-Americans moved from rural farm areas, such as New Orleans, to urbanized city areas – in particular, Chicago and New York City (History, Art & Archives, 2008). The Great Migration was an ongoing movement that lasted for several decades, up until about the 1970s. One of the most significant cultural movements in this geographical transition was in the form of music (The South, the North, and the Great Migration: Blues and Literature, 2003). The reasons and motivations behind the Great Migration varied; for musicians in particular it was an opportunity for success. Altogether, this movement resulted in some lasting effects on culture and particularly …show more content…
The Migration also had a profound effect on African-American culture and life, including the famous Harlem Renaissance in New York and major political activism in other cities (History, Art, & Archives). For musicians, the move to Chicago, where the recording industry’s strong presence provided the opportunity to make records, led to many of these Great Migration musicians gaining fame and recognition (Sweet Home Chicago – Chicago, n.d.). Musicians that gained fame during this time include Bo Diddley, Sonny Boy Williamson, Magic Sam, and many other well-known artists in music history. Chicago became a prominent musical tourist destination and eventually became home to the Chicago Blues Festival (Sweet Home Chicago – Chicago,

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