Wizard Of Oz Play Analysis

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Dorothy taps her heels together three times and says to herself there’s no place like home. All of this happens because Dorothy ends up in Oz. The exposition starts out with Dorothy and her dog Toto coming out of the house very confused and surprised at where she could be. The major conflict in the Wizard of Oz during the play is that Dorothy ends up in the unknown place and wants to get back to Kansas. This conflict is stated throughout the play, but the Witch of the West had Dorothy, Tin Man, Scarecrow, and Lion kidnapped became the major crisis, because the Witch of the West wants her sisters red shoes back, this is also the climax. Being kidnapped by the monkeys and waking up in the palace owned by the witch of the west. At this time being …show more content…
I believe that this play holds the meaning of helping and believing. The helping is literally kindness, as Dorothy wants to take the Scarecrow, Tin Man, and the Lion, to get what they want or need. Believing is toward the red shoes to get Dorothy back home to Kansas.
6. The meaning of the play wraps around “there’s no place like home”. The meaning or theme of the whole story is a quest for security. The whole time Dorothy just wants to go back home to Kansas, I believe that a quest for security is a good way to explain the theme. In the beginning, Dorothy is in The Unknown Place, and has no idea how to get back home, so a quest for security fits the overall theme of the play. For me the word security explains her home.
7. I feel that the story dramatic appeal is how will Dorothy get home to Kansas and the two witches fighting and then the climax is definitely dramatic, because the Witch of the West believes that she has gotten them in a position to get the shoes back, but she actually ends up dying. This play appeals to children because she is a young character that gets her problem solved for trying to get home. I feel that children like the evil witch the least, because she is a mean character. I feel like if you adjust how the witch acts, by saying that I mean it from my perspective, the red shoes are the only thing she is after, it can be changed if she was after more than just the red

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