Magua's Journey To The Native American Essay

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Magua a traitor to the Native Americans guided two men named Duncan, and David he also guided two women named Cora and Alice. They are on a journey to Fort William Henry. Magua led them the wrong way and they encountered Hawkeye and his Mohican friends. After they met them Magua escaped. The new group, went down the river and hid in a cave beneath a waterfall. The next morning they are attacked by indians; they went down the river again to escape. The three guys were running low on ammunition so they got away to get more ammo. The others are captured by Magua and a renegade group of indians. Magua proposed to Cora when they got back to their camp. When Cora refused the proposal the indians attacked the captives; the three men showed up at the right time. The woodsmen kill all the indians except for Magua who escapes again. …show more content…
It was hard for them to travel through the fog they are followed by french. They finally reach the fort and they won’t let them in until the commander hears his daughter's voice. They attacked the french following them. After a while the general decides to surrender. The indians started killing everyone and Magua stole the two women again. A few days later the men begin to pursue Magua. They went to Delaware village where Cora is held prisoner. One of the indians disguises himself as a chief and gets in. The rest join in a battle and defeat them but two indians and Magua took Cora and got away. They followed the indians that had Cora and cornered them but in the fighting Cora and Magua were killed.
The following day the Delaware indians are sad. They buried Cora and the indian side by side. Furthermore, Hawkeye and the rest of the whites leave. The one chief said how terrible the indians had it and now the Mohicans were all

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