Magnet Cannon Physics

The Magnet Cannon is a perplexing object to understand how the forces work, in this explanation I will explain how the forces and energy in the magnet cannon work. The purpose of the magnet cannon is to help show how kinetic and magnetic forces work. The magnet Cannon is an object composed of 5 balls a ruler and a magnet. One of the balls is placed on one side of the magnet (ball A), then the other 4 balls (balls B-D) go on the other side of the magnet, then the contraption is placed on a ruler.

Before ball A hits the magnet there are still forces acting upon ball A. The forces that act on ball A are magnetic forces, gravitational forces, kinetic forces and friction.
These affect the force of ball A because the gravitational forces balance out the forces between it and the ruler, the kinetic forces create friction which causes the object to slow down and the magnetic forces help move the ball from a distance so it speeds towards the magnet. We know that based on our motion graphs ball A accelerates to the magnet hitting it so the magnets and balls A-D are recoiled backwards. The ball is also going under energy transformations where when the ball does not start moving it has potential energy then the potential energy is transformed into kinetic
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The final force that pushes ball E away is the force from ball A when it hit the magnet and how this force acted on Ball A,B,C,D and the magnet. We can also see that at the moment that ball E is fired there is also another force sending the rest of the magnet cannon backwards about a few inches. Energy transformation is also in there when the ball is launched off ball E applies kinetic energy to ball D changing it to elastic energy elastic kinetic energy and then the magnet hits ball A with elastic energy causing the whole system to launch backwards. Now you should understand how the magnet cannon works and what it helps show and

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