Madison : A Satisfactory Achievement Of Social Studies, Spanish, English, And Health Subject

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Madison’s 2015 1st marking period grades indicate a satisfactory achievement in Social Studies, Spanish, English, and Health subject areas. Her grades show an improvement in Math and Science, however these are still difficult subjects for Madison. According to her IEP Progress, Madison is progressing satisfactorily in her study and writing skills. Madison is editing her written work, self-checking her schoolwork, independently using her agenda, and seeking out teacher’s assistance when needed. Madison’s social and emotional behaviors are also progressing acceptably. She continues to identify situations where she experiences anxiety and implement strategies to deal with her anxiety

Furthermore, Madison’s organization goal, implementing separate binders for different subjects, benefits from the help of a teacher’s assistance. Madison does “feel she has improved a lot from last year in relation to tis goal,” as indicated on her progress notes. In Mathematics, Madison is able to identify key words, organize the given information, but has difficulty with solving the problem correctly.

Madison Interview

Madison was also asked to verbally answer a number of questions posed by the examiner about her school and social functioning. Madison did not report any difficulties with eating, illnesses or sleeping, including falling asleep, nightmares or trouble waking up. She reported good relationships with her family members, especially her parents. Madison was also asked about…

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