Mad Shadows Essay

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The correlation between, love, beauty, and truth are strongly demonstrated through Louise and her daughter Isabelle-Marie. When Louise looks at Isabelle-Marie she sees the truth of her ugliness, yet doesn’t see true beauty nor feel a connection for love. Isabelle-Marie is like her mother on the inside but not on the out. Louise does not care for the inside which is unfortunate for Isabelle-Marie because it is the only thing she had going for her. This leaves
Isabelle-Marie to being nothing but an ugly girl. When Louise looks at Patrice she only sees the reflection of her own beauty. She doesn’t realize or care for nothing else because beauty is what only matters to her.

Louise’s love for beauty caused her to be
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In Isabelle-Marie’s case, she finds a blind man named
Michael and tells him everything he wants to hear, even though they were all lies. Isabelle-
Marie goes just as low as her mother in the sense of doing what it takes to get whatever attention they can. Louise made Isabelle-Marie realize how ugly she was by not paying her any attention at all which convinces Isabelle-Marie to elude the truth by lying to Michael. By lying to Michael and telling him how beautiful she is and how beautiful their girl is, Michael gives Isabelle-Marie the attention and love she always wanted. Once Michael gets his vision back, he realizes that
Isabelle-Marie lied to him about everything just for the love and attention. He ends up leaving her. This brings Isabelle-Marie back all the way to square one which is exactly where she started off, being unwanted, unattended, and unloved all for her ugliness. At this same time during
Isabelle-Marie’s relationship, Louise had the relationship of her own with Lan. Both
Louise’s and Isabelle-Marie’s lives gotten better.

This now leaves Patrice alone, unattended and unloved because his mother and sisters attention is now somewhere else. This leaves Patrice to do whatever it takes him to get the attention back from his mother. This is Patrices’s turn to go as low as he

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