Machiavelli And Hobbes Political Theory Essay

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The methods of controlling a society and maintaining political order differ from person to person. Thinkers Machiavelli and Hobbes both discovered their own political theory where they discuss how to generate rules and structures towards the civil war like situation. In both Machiavelli and Hobbes’ writings, they consider the topic of political power and share agreements and disagreements in their methods and approaches. Machiavelli in The Prince demonstrates how he observed and practiced normal politics and negotiation (Machiavelli, 2006), while Hobbes in The Leviathan demonstrates how he is a philosopher seeking support in assembling scientific groundwork for the social contract (Hobbes, 2009). Meanwhile, Machiavelli (2006) states that a human hardly appears as a significant part of the entire negotiation and “princely” rule, as opposed to Hobbes who explains that every human in the state of nature follows into a contract for handing over rights to the ruler (Hillier, 2015). This paper will demonstrate the agreements and disagreements between both Machiavelli and Hobbes’ political theories, and also that both perspectives of political power are accurate and relevant to the way societies function today. In The Prince, Machiavelli becomes the founder of political science as he creates the first “modern” political theory (Hillier, 2015). Here, he demonstrates that his theory “seeks to examine the dynamics of political power in a naturalistic and realistic sense.” (Hillier,…

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